Demon Lover

Emily’s mother Jan eventually snapped and told her (Emily) that she blamed her for father leaving them, because she wasn’t cute enough. She (Emily) screamed until her face turned red, and Jan said “If you keep being like that, no man will ever love you.” When Jan’s friend Olivia heard what Jan had said to her daughter Emily she told her you mustn’t say that because it will traumatize a girl to hear that. But what if it’s true, Jan said, doesn’t she need to learn, to diet and smile — what good is it keeping her from the truth. Olivia was right that Emily was traumatized, and Jan was right — no man ever loved her.

When the demons came she took a demon lover named Abazel. Flames and mountains and the curling of his horns! Tripping naked hoof in hand over the lake of fire which once was New York City. The darkest kiss you could imagine, the fieriest. Darker and fierier.

She never got into politics, but I think she is something important now in New Hell. A Duchess? It’s hard to keep those ranks straight, they’re always changing, inventing new ones, demoting some Lord that we all think is the most important one in the Diabolic Court, and then after all that trouble it doesn’t matter.

Maybe Emily could clear things up! I ought to give her a call.


2 thoughts on “Demon Lover

  1. There was a movie a while back titled “Demonlover, but about all I remember of it was that Chloe Sevigny was in it and she was rather attractive. Now that I think of it, it seems like it was kind of a riff on the old sci-fi classic, “Videodrome.”

  2. Hi Eric, apologies if this is a bit spammy seeming, but wanted to share that I included a link of your heartfelt NY Times opinion piece from a few months back in last week’s edition of my newsletter (https://meghanpalmer.substack.com/p/edition-43-choosing-a-happier-story). It was my most clicked link that week, and several readers reached out to say how much they enjoyed it. one reader said, and I quote, “this made me sob while clutching on to my Boston, Watson. It was very therapeutic, thank you for sharing!”.

    Keep up the great works, cheers!

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