Declaration of Independence by way of Kannada and Japanese

Laws of nature which are in the same station in order to dissolve the band political, one of the people who are in contact with each other, it is assumed in the power of the earth, to be independent as required in the course of events when human for decent, to request that you declare the causes which impel them to the separation them, they said God of nature, the opinion of humanity.

All human beings know you have been granted the Creator of them, by certain unalienable rights, and that it has been created equally, we, this is they, that there is that these truths are self-evident among men the government .–, the pursuit of these rights life, liberty and have been in happiness has been enacted, to pull out the power of your own from the consent of the government, any kind of government in order to abolish it becomes destructive of these ends -That,, or to change to the right of the people, to achieve a new government, in the form of organization, for example, and their privileges laying principle the basis of his , can affect the safety and well-being must be like the most high. Prudence, indeed, the government for many years, to indicate that it must not change the transient and cause light. Evil withstand all experience it accordingly, not only the human race, to abolish the form are accustomed themselves to the right that are arranged by shewn them, they suffer.


Heidegger on Love Translated from English to Maori and then Back Again

Why is love beyond all measure, a variety of such goods, and the sweet burden for a man who killed it? Because change ourselves in that we love to, and as we sit. and we want to thank the love, but do not do it very well. could only do we thank us. counterfeit love thanks to happen to us, and to believe in freedom of others. Thus love steadily expands its most secret growth. cemented the life in the far much better off not accessible as possible but it is present in the you in the clear, but incomprehensible” the revelation of the right there“. before the other broken in we live and what can not think about this too. gives the human captives into captivity, but a work of true love to keep this self-release as important as on the first day.


The Problem with the Internet is the Problem with Writing

If you’re being victimized by violence and I walk up to you and say to you “don’t fight back –never fight evil being done to you” the speciousness will be immediately apparent. You’ll say with urgency then what do I do now? You will get frustrated with me and may even poke and punch me to see how I respond. My statements may change in response to your poking and frustration.

But if I write my statement on paper or stone my statement becomes enigmatic or seductive. It tricks the reader into thinking its part of the world and may even start a sect of pacifists.



Q: What is the only thing that cannot be a symbol of the Eiffel Tower?
A: The Eiffel Tower?

Q:What is the only word that has no word for it?

Q:Why did you answer that last question like that — it’s obviously not true.
A:I wanted you to like me.

Q:What good is it for you if I like you?
A:I don’t know.

Q:What will it take for you to know?
A:I would need you to love me to know.

Q:What do you think you will know if I love you?
A:What the purpose of my life is.

Q:Why would I love someone who doesn’t know the purpose of his life.
Q:Why would you?
A:I wouldn’t.