Waves of Saffron and Chalcedony

Whatever your problems with life might be, if you died and experienced the afterlife, and it was a cool summer day with waves of saffron and chalcedony — would that satisfy you?

Maybe you would say — it would if I knew I were safe — but how would you know you were safe? Even if you were safe, would you believe it?


6 thoughts on “Waves of Saffron and Chalcedony

  1. Sayed Habibul Gafur says:

    This is what wealthy people worry about (safety in every aspect) in their lifetime. (And sometimes may be inadvertently while trying to ensure their own safety make other peoples lives miserable).

  2. S L says:

    Thank you for the beautiful alchemy of Hermetic thought on Poimandres (Can’t find it now on yr blog. : (. This got me to thinking of what the future may hold for discourse when our minds may be AI empowered.

    The chip enlightening the mind, the mind exponentially enhancing the malleable chip.

    Please do forgive me but when Hermes has his glimpse of samadhi, I imagined him then in a bright glow of a 90’s Hermes shirt with a Tiffany ring from the Atlas Collection on his finger. ; ).

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