Slaves of God

“The ancient Romans” said Jamilla as she snapped off the tips of the snow peas and placed them in the pan of water “Connected the notion of slavery with those spared from death. The Latin word “servus” is related to “preserve”. After a battle the conquerors by all rights could commit a massacre. But sometimes they didn’t. The spared some of those destined for death and made them slaves. The slave is the one who is saved.”

Jamilla placed the pan on the stove and lit the kindling. Orange flames caressed the bottom of the pan. Tiny bubbles started to form on the edges of the peas.

“Juanitava used to say she would never be a slave. She says she would have committed suicide, rather than be a slave. Do you agree?”

I looked at her brown eyes trying to see if she was kidding me, but she seemed serious. “No. I wouldn’t.”

“I wouldn’t either. So I lost the war. Why should I die too? Existence is the ultimate gift. The greatest gift. Liberty is good, but it’s good to exist.”

I don’t know if she meant that and never did. Years later we met on the field of battle on a distant star in the Ophiuchus system. We had both learned a lot about the complex of insects and computers that created our bodies, the permutations in space time that preserved them, and world-spanning mucelidelic structures that needed to synchronize in order to maintain the splendidly illusory impression of our separate consciousnesses.

Bodies and thoughts in motion, and constantly meeting and remeeting on the field of battle. Maybe that was the phenomenon that in their primitive, rude vocabulary the ancient poets called love.

Ambrose Bierce used to say a marriage was a partenrship of two masters and two slaves, making in entirety two persons.

Jamilla laughed and with a single stroke of her gladius removed my head.


A Theory of Communicative Action

Why do you even bother saying something if nobody is going to like it or believe it?

Why do I? I’m not sure. Why do you ask?

I think because I worry that I say things that nobody will ever like or believe and then I ask myself — why do I even bother? Maybe there is something wrong with me.

I’m sure there is something wrong with you.

Honestly, that is a little insulting.

I did not mean to hurt your feelings BUT on the other hand I feel like your questions are taking a somewhat challenging tone.

Maybe they are.

But I agree there is something wrong with you.

I agree there is something wrong with me, sometimes. And sometimes I feel as healthy as a freshly washed turgid member!

OK now I really don’t know what we’re talking about.


I love you Jurgen Habermas! Let’s be BFFs FOREVER AND EVER!


Mystical Meaning of Shapes

Some people have claimed “Shapes don’t have mystical meanings.”
But I say — “What about a circle? That’s a shape.”
And they say: “Circles don’t have mystical meaning.”
But I say — “Start wherever you are and go exploring in all directions the same amount and what shape do you get? A circle.”
And they say: “I’m not sure that that’s a mystical meaning.”
“But it is a meaning.”
“It is a meaning.”
“A profound meaning that illuminates the nature of your life, exploring all the avenues available to you to exactly the same amount.”
“But I don’t know if it’s a mystical meaning. I don’t know if that’s mystical.”
“That’s true.”


Christopher Robin

SPOILER ALERT — this essay contains spoilers about the Disney Film “Christopher Robin”

I went to the Disney film Christopher Robin and it was Extremely Offensive.

It has Christopher Robin be an old man who loses the Childlike Wonder of Life and he has to go back to Hundred Acre woods to meet Winnie the Pooh Eeyore and Piglet and Owl to get back the Childlike Wonder.

It has the animals return to Christopher Robin’s world to live among people.

It has Christopher Robin turn out to be a toy himself who teaches an actual Grizzly Bear to get back the Childlike Sense of Wonder.

It has a frame-picture paradox where Winnie the Pooh created Christopher Robin and Christopher Robin created Winnie the Pooh in some sort of timeless eternal present which I found Extremely Offensive.

There was a Really Offensive Part where after death Christopher Robin is greeted by Winnie the Pooh who leads him to a Hundred Acre Wood which is the Afterlife.

There was a horrible part where Eeyore is the body and Tigger is the soul and Christopher Robin is forced to choose between them.

It suggested that Winnie the Pooh was a mental defective which was also Highly Offensive.

It suggested that the animals also had other animals that were Secret Animals who gave them their Childlike Sense of Wonder but this could never be shown in the film.

There were gaps in the film during which people in masks came from behind the screen and made certain Gestures over my head, which I found Highly Offensive.

I had a dream that Winnie the Pooh came home from the theater with me and made certain other offensive gestures and chrissoms of oil on my forehead which were Highly Offensive.

It was a terrible film. It is not something i would want to see again AT ALL



ADOPQR are the letters with one hole in them or cavity or womb. They let thought into themselves and give birth to knowledge. These letters begin the great beginnings Aeon, Day, Origin, Psyche, Question, Reality. These are the words that let us announce the source.

B is the letter with two wombs. It holds the mystery of birth and also the mystery of rebirth. It begins BIRTH. It ends WOMB.

The other letters CFGHIJKLMNSTUVWXYZ are just ripples in water.


Writing Characters in the American Class System

Lot of writing is unrealistic (“fantasyland”) cause it doesn’t engage with the realities of class. Important when you are writing a character to decide — is this character rich? Poor? Middle Class?

If character is rich, have the character have a lot of promiscuous sex in rooms with a lot of shiny metal. Have them have, if a woman, a dress that shows her back muscles. If a man a suit. Have the character curse a lot and have large ingots of precious metals — in the pocket of suit (if a man) — in a small clutch purse (if a woman).

If character is poor, have character have a lot of promiscuous sex in rooms with no furniture or cinderblocks or on a dock. Have the character curse a lot and use cool slang. If black the character could be a rapper or perhaps sell narcotics. If latino could be a maid or sell narcotics. If white could have poor dental hygiene, scrappy, lots of kids, bad car.

If character is middle class should be spend most of time worried about being murdered or mugged by poor characters or fired by rich characters. Should have very little sex and be interested in dogs and/or watching shows on netflix.