11 thoughts on “Nobody Understands Me! Does Nobody Understand You?

    • We have a lot in common, so I understand some things about you. We’re both curious, analytical, and enjoy debate. We both view the world’s unknown with a mixture of awe and eagerness. But I have no idea of the experiences that brought you your greatest joy or sorrow, of the influences that shaped your life; nor do you know it of me. Words can’t express those things adequately, even if we fully understood them ourselves. They are part of life’s puzzle, of what makes it interesting. Each person we meet is a mystery whose solution gradually reveals itself, one clue at a time, year after year, but seldom with a definite end point: people are too deep and complex for that.

      • words are pretty good at expressing things, I think. as to the causes, that’s true. Do you need to know what causes my joy to understand my joy? Maybe. There’s always more to know and more to understand. That’s for sure.

  1. Angie_Roo says:

    “I want a secret teaching. I want to learn it mouth to ear. I want it to feel special, evanescent, and intuitive. I want it to be something I understand with my heart, or maybe my intuition. Higher, unique secret faculties that speak to me from way above my head, with the tongues of angels. I want to open a window and peer at the mysterious workings of this world and other worlds”. ELK March ’16

    Hear, here 🙂 Me too. Why do we want this? I’d like to understand why.

      • Because we each have some sort of a void. I don’t understand what that is either in anyone, but my hope is that there has to be a big damned secret ‘somewhere out there’. And I want keepers of secrets to think I deserve knowing that big secret…. because they think I would understand it. “Things the Angel Taught You”? wouldn’t that be wonderful? Maybe it isn’t so much a secret as a striving to remember. Then we might understand one another.

      • AngieRooBiscuitEater says:

        You write more eloquently, but my guess is: ever since carbon and hydrogen did a dance and there was life instead of just cold (or hot) rocks, the question ‘but why? Why, why, why, why?’ has been reverberating through the universe. It’s written through us like a stick of Brighton rock. We are the universe asking why it is here. So it does feel like a great big secret, somewhere out there (outside of us). It feels like the answers are out there for those who ask. But who are we asking? Mainly each other, then we think hang on there must be more. And then by degrees you find yourself at a door in WordPress knocking on a door asking how to talk to an angel 🙂

  2. “Take Responsibility for Your Actions”. Always, every time. Never ever try to justify bad decisions, lies, or other missteps. Be steady and keep your word. Always, every time. What more Understanding is needed? – – – – – – – – – In a restaurant, I generally order coffee first. I figure if they get coffee and bread right, their attention to the detail of my food will be good. – – Kind of the same with people in their way through life.

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