Is it Okay to Want Paradoxical Things?

For example:

To want you to be forgiven but not because you know I want you to forgive me?


To be humble but not to know I’m humble?


To be loved for no reason, but also to be lovable?

I think the answer is: yes.

After all I can want to forget something although I know that if I keep remembering to forget it that will work against my forgetting it.

It is perfectly okay to want something even if wanting it and knowing that I want it fight against the getting of it.  It is okay to want to be famous for not caring about being famous.

You might say, I think, that the thing you want is not paradoxical.  What is paradoxical is that you want it.  That would require a distinction between things as they really are and things as they are when we actually care about them or strive for them.  If that distinction is clear to you, then by all means go for it.  Sometimes it is clear to me but right now it is as opaque as mud.


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