The Sentimental Shoggoth

Images of Wholeness in 1980s Jersey City: From Wonton to Das Alle

What You and Your Loved Ones Can Do To Avoid Unreliable Hadiths

Who Keeps Repeating the name of the Rose: An Umberto Echo

Use “Catafalque” in a Sentence: Julia Saw the Catafalque

That Canary is a Liar and he is telling me to Kill: Stories of a Texas Girlhood

From Jelly to Jam to Preserves and Back Again: My Life Among the Fruit Spreads

Whose Auroch and Other Extinct Bovine Mysteries

The Fetus Who Wouldn’t Stay Dead: A Little Wally Mystery

I’m Gonna Wotan Your Hide

The Three Bitches of Sacramento




5 thoughts on “The Sentimental Shoggoth

  1. (…) MTV premonition 1980’s ..”video killed the radio star”. In my opinion a misconception; nobody killed a radio star….
    By the way ,terrible points that expressed in the best way,The Sentimental Shoggoth.

  2. Mikey says:

    I know Shoggoths aren’t Jewish things because I just googled them and found out what they are, but nonetheless here’s a Jewish question: Why don’t Jews want everyone who’s not a Jew to be Jewish? Or at least know about Jewishness. With most good things that people know about, their goodness impels you to share them.

  3. Well the socio-historical answer is that Jews were a minority religion, so as to avoid persecution and conversion the rabbis decided to stop proselytizing. In the Roman empire Jews proselytized quite a bit and successfully. The medieval rabbis were happy if everybody followed the so-called Noahide code — belief in God and some basic ethics. From my point of view though just because I like my own face doesn’t mean I want everybody on Earth to have the same face.

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