A Christmas Fable

We were trimming the Christmas tree with Father and we decided to eat some fruit.

“Let’s let the fruit be part of our Christmas” said Father  “When we finish these grapes let’s put the grape stems on the tree to decorate it, so we can remember how delicious these sweet grapes were!”

“Let’s! Let’s!” we said.

“And when we finish the apple let’s put the apple core on it!” said Father.

“Yes!  Yes!” we said.

“And also when we finish the banana let’s let the peel join the show!  And the coffee grounds from the coffee we have enjoyed!  And also the baby’s diaper!”

We did as Father suggested, took a step back and looked at our tree, festooned with dirty diapers, apple cores, coffee grounds, orange peels, and grape stems.”

“Oh Father!” we said, crying “We have covered our Christmas tree with garbage!”

–Modern Fables, L. Brazworth-Bozell


4 thoughts on “A Christmas Fable

  1. Mikey says:

    I don’t think I really believe the last bit of the fable. We just suddenly realised what we’d done and repented? Seems a bit far fetched. I think before that we might have invited someone round and gauged their reaction, or possibly gone round to someone else’s house to see if they’d done something similar. If those experiments went well, there would be no tears. Just next year, when the baby’s out of diapers, we’d import massive used diapers from Japan and stick them up on the outside of the house as well.

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