The Part of You That Fears Death Is Not Alive

The part of you that fears death is not alive.   It obeys a mechanical law of self-preservation.

The dead: mechanical habits, mindless repetition, heartless attempts to control, reflexes and automatic responses of all kinds.

Only the living will live, while the dead will never live because it was never alive.

Every moment take a moment to be aware: what in me right now is alive and what is dead?

That awareness itself is the green shoot, pushing through the dirt, for no reason at all.


9 thoughts on “The Part of You That Fears Death Is Not Alive

    • It’s a logical idea and the thinking behind asceticism. The only problem in my experience is that the part of me that says “if it doesn’t work cut it off” is actually pretty reactive and not very alive. So lower impulses such as anger and depression can mask themselves as ascetic impulses. I think, in my own case, it’s more successful to grow the good rather than extirpate the bad, but probably both impulses have their place.

  1. Human nature and human life are not modular. We can’t just select the parts we like and leave the rest. If we remove any part, no matter how undesirable it seems, then we change all the others, and generally not for the better.

    Marcus Aurelius had a nice take on fear of death: We never worry about the fact that our lives are limited in space, so why should we worry if they’re limited in time?

  2. Wow, do I come from the other side of the tennis court…or something with some kinda arbitrary divider in the middle.

    Okay, Lovecraft would do this better (and have a giant penguin!), but what if…what if self reflection (in a Dunning Kruger manner) is both poor at percieving it’s poor at percieving, as well as just plain poor at percieving itself. Like someone who can only see in black and white but they live on an island alone their whole life – they’d never know there was more.

    And what if that is simply the pot calling the kettle black?

    Dun. Dun. Dun!

    Worse, what if that’s the real, next hurdle for the human race – but we have so built ourselves up to be so much more than a black kettle?

  3. Mikey says:

    Whoa! If you’re right about what’s dead then we’re almost all almost always completely dead. I mean, maybe that’s right. If so you can ignore this as the ramblings of a zombie. The only correct response would be “Hey Deadhead! Take a bite of peach!”

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