Guest Post by Anna Morello, My Seventh Grade Social Studies Teacher: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Cosmos

Brenda’s intelligence was very intriguing but also very disturbing. I often found myself trembling in fear over the breadth and scope of her knowledge. Over the years I had taught so many truly brilliant and creative students but few came close to this feral cat and fewer still had her astounding curiosity.

I came to think of Brenda as a philosopher, a scientist, a theologian and a poet. No field of learning seemed to escape her ken. And so it was not surprising when she said to me as we were having breakfast together, “Did you realize that all matter and all space in the Universe existed in a form much smaller than a sub-atomic particle? This beautiful particle, or Singularity, had zero volume and infinite density, much like all our politicians. This was before the Big Bang.”

What a crazy cat! She has finally gone too far. What she described was a logical impossibility. Of course, as always, Brenda read my mind and began amusing herself about my skepticism. “Anna, do you recall that quote from Woody Allen? “True, the passage was totally incomprehensible to me, but what of it, as long as Kierkegaard was having fun.”

Ah, so she was just having fun with me and playing mind games with a former philosophy teacher. I preserved. “Please do not claim that you know so much about this because you were there at this so-called Singularity.” Bingo” said Brenda, “and so were you. So was everything in the Cosmos, all space, all matter and, therefore, all time.”

Now I had Brenda by her tale! What she ascribed to this so-called Singularity was impossible by all the known laws of physics. Zero volume, impossible! Infinite density. Bah! Infinite compression of everything that is and then the Big Bang and the Universe!

Brenda picked up the New York Times and began reading. She ignored me and I was furious. Finally she turned to me and said, “The great sensational thing about this Singularity is…tada…no chaos. The oneness of it all! And then, yes, Bang, Chaos, Confusion and the fracturing of symmetry and of singularity.. And all this by a force of repulsion.. Do we have a Universe created by a force of Repulsion? Are you are you beginning to realize that the Prime Mover of Aristotle was the greatest of comedians?”


3 thoughts on “Guest Post by Anna Morello, My Seventh Grade Social Studies Teacher: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Cosmos

  1. There was no configuration me at the big bang.

    Granted, it’s by a certain generosity configuration me can be said to exist from this second to the next (given cell replacement, etc)

    Anyway, ever have the feeling that any number but one is perhaps blasphemy? In the universe, there is only 1. No more, no less. All other increments are creations of fragmentary partials within, as part of their survival as partials.

    Hey, I can throw a few high falutin’ ideas around if I want to!

  2. Mikey says:

    No Chaos, eh? Is that right? Perhaps there was potential chaos then? Like a vase balanced on the point of a 20 metre pin. A cynical onlooker might have said: “That Singularity is a lawsuit waiting to happen”

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