We think of against as meaning in opposition to — this boxer is fighting against his opponent.

But there are so many meanings of against. For example, the boxer is standing out against the dawn’s pink sky.

We don’t even get to see the boxer if he is not against the sky.

And in fact — if you think about the word “opposition” to — it means positioned against.

And in fact, you do not even get to be a boxer if there is nobody to box against. So, to be against someone is actually to be together with them.

A boxer is not boxing against Tuesday — they are not close enough to be in opposition.

You could say the two boxers have to be pretty similar to be different.

But similarity and difference are also stretching and unstretching of the immense taffy that we are both involved in and made of.

Sometimes it stretches and sometimes it bunches.

We sometimes say, in philosophy, that you sholdn’t contradict yourself.

But to “contra” dict means to “speak” “against”.

Against is from the word “gain” — if we are against something we are gaining on it or it is gaining on us, again and again?


After all time is when things become different. But you don’t need me to tell you whenever two things are different they’re also the same — after all they’re things, and whenever two things are the same, they’re also different, after all there are two of them.

Difference literally means — carrying something across.

Boats against the current as Fitzgerald says!


One thought on “Against

  1. It’s all about internal relations. There can’t be even numbers unless there are odd numbers; without evil, there’s no good, at least not in the same sense. I suppose the same argument implies that in order for some relations to be internal, other relations must be external, but offhand, no examples of external relations come to mind.

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