News about the concept “All Things Do Not Arise”

This is one of those things that is just true, like “everything is bullshit” is pure bullshit.  “don’t trust anything” is the kind of shallow statement that you shouldn’t trust, “language is a pretty mediocre way of expressing oneself” is expressed quite mediocrely and so on.

Some things are just true.  So I have to ask — if it’s just true, why do you need to say it?  Who is the conceivable audience for something that’s just true?  Obviously not somebody else, because it’s quite obnoxious to go around telling people things that are just true, obviously.  So some part of myself that needs to be told this?

Yes.  No question, but there is a side of oneself that needs to be told “Some things are just true” and a side of oneself that needs to be told “there isn’t anything that’s just true.”

Why is there two sides to the self?  Because if there’s one side to the self, then you need to force somebody else to play the other part, and that is honestly, a waste of both of your times!


One thought on “News about the concept “All Things Do Not Arise”

  1. True things aren’t always evident or remembered. Reminders are helpful, whatever their origin. And we are complicated beings whose various thoughts and impulses contend with each other for attention.

    My niece had what I thought was a profound insight: Our “selves” are not as clearly delimited as we usually think. They include all the people we know, and the closer the relationship, the larger its role in constituting who we are. Take away a big relationship, and you take away a big chunk of our sense of self. I would extend that idea of the self to include what we *do*. One remarkable case is a pianist who suffered brain damage and can neither remember his past nor form new memories. But if you sit him down at a piano, he temporarily “becomes himself again,” able both to play and conduct musical pieces. That’s part of himself that he did not lose, even if it requires special circumstances to reach it:


    When interactions with others are helpful and enjoyable, they’re hardly a waste of time. But that’s a true thing you already knew, so forgive me for belaboring the point. 🙂

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