fMRI Study of Inconceivable Cosmic Horror


ABSTRACT: Popular author Howard Phillips Lovecraft speculated in the early 20 c. that certain experiences gave rise to inconceivable cosmic horror, as if something were fundamentally, hideously wrong with the very nature of reality, a grotesque feeling, hovering at the borders of thought and beyond, as of nails on a chalkboard, but worse, inconceivably worse, as if for one moment the veils that allow us to live our lives without going mad were lifted and we heard the loathsome opera of trillions of gibbering malefic voices laughing insanely at the futility of human hopes for respite from the mocking ghoul smile of the abyss. To test this we ran a functional MRI (fMRI) of 50 sophomores while they were exposed to either a neutral stimulus, a positive stimulus (a ten dollar i-tunes gift card) or a symbol of subtle and awful wrongness that was obtained from a certain obscure group of Portugese sailors whose ceremonies are so hideous that this research team feels we will go MAD if we think about them and what we learned in those filthy cabanas reeking of garlic and body odor and shaking to the rhythms of their awful voodoo-inspired REGGAE MUSIC. We found that when exposed to the symbol of obscure cosmic horror certain regions in L4, L9 and the anterior cingulate nucleus experienced higher activation as compared to control and hypothesize that this is a cosmic horror detection module. Our research is being published in the Journal of Brain Imaging studies, although a further hypothesis that this module was IMPLANTED IN OUR BRAINS by certain — I hesitate to call them ENTITIES! for that seems to bely their fundamental strangeness or EVEN INTELLIGENCES — for that ignores that if anything they are a prototype of INSANITY — for the purpose of tormenting the poor human race — AGHH! AGGHH! THE DOOR! THE DOOR IT’S OPENING. NO! NO! NO! AND THE HANDLE — THE THING TURNING IT — GOD HELP ME! IT IS NOT A HAND!!!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “fMRI Study of Inconceivable Cosmic Horror

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  4. aifesteves says:

    Man… Portuguese sailors don’t dig Reggae music… They are more on the
    taste of western turbo-folk sexual innuendo music:

    Quero cheirar teu bacalhau
    Mariazinha deixa-me ir à cozinha,deixa-me ir à cozinha
    P’ra cheirar teu bacalhau

    I-Teu bacalhau é mesmo uma beleza
    És a portuguesa com teu prato especial
    Se o cheiro é bom mais gostoso é o cozido
    É o prato preferido do povo de Portugal

    II-Teu bacalhau demolhadinho
    Diz-me se é da Noruega ou aqui de Portugal
    Mariazinha deixa-me cheirar
    Que coisa tão gostosa , nunca cheirei nada igual–ai


    I want to smell your cod
    Little mary, let me go to your kitchen (cozinha=cuzinho= your little ass…), …
    To smell your cod

    Your cod is a beauty
    You are the portuguese with that special dish
    If the smell is nice the more tasteful the cooking (again the ass innuendo)
    It’s Portugal’s favourite dish

    Your cod all dripping wet
    Tell me if it’s from Norway or from Portugal
    Let Smell it Little Mary
    What a delightful thing, never ever have i smelled something like it…


    It’s quite mind and ass numbing and probably will bring cosmic panic to may people…
    Please inform yourself, Reggae doesn’t bring a scale to the HORROR OF WESTERN TURBO FOLK PORTUGUESE MUSIC!!!!!! THE HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOORR…

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