Problems with Modern Television Programs

1. They are communal dreams but there is no provision provided for dream interpretation.
2. They are only about the four permitted subject matters.
3. When I was three I saw the dust in a special pattern when I had a fever. There are no television programs about this.
4. The put the soul into a posture of receptivity and this is used by merchants to sell their shoddy wares; the soul has been created to be active; periods of rest and receptivity can become agents of slackening and dissolution.
5. Many of them are coded messages for certain entities that are forming in the corners of our culture unbeknownst to us. These entities do not have clearly defined boundaries. They are nevertheless malefic, malign or at least have agendas radically different from our own. Sometimes a single shot in a single television program will be wrong and this will connect up with a joke from a character on another channel which is somehow subtly spoken with the wrong emphasis, and this in turn will connect up with a reflection in an eye in a commercial spot on yet another channel and this will establish a mutli-planed polyhedra in mental space which will then accrue further and further distortions to the field of focus until we see only what they wish us to see.
6. I liked Charlie Sheen’s old show more — why did he stop doing that?
7. Not enough nudity.