A Beneficent Presence

A friend writes:

I have read so much about malign presences.  i would like to share with your readers an experience I had of a presence or entity that was the reverse, namely, beneficent.  I had a sense in some of the less examined regions of my life that there was a presence dwelling there, observing me, and using its powers to affect me in a positive way.   I considered various theories about what this presence was, such as, that it was the soul of a departed family member, an angel, my future self traveling back through time to help me, or that it was perhaps my true self, and I was simply a sub-system or intermittent false consciousness which the presence wished to integrate into a more fruitfully functioning whole.  One theory I find it literally impossible to consider is that the presence is anything other than possessed of a good will.  This idea, although I can entertain it rationally as a possibility, is emotionally impossible for me, much as it is impossible for me to find pain pleasant, or nausea appetite-inducing.  I have on occasion tried to communicate with this benign entity in order to understand it better or learn who or what it is but to no success.

A simple narrative, but one which raises so many more questions than it answers!  I tried to pose them to my friend but before I was able to articulate quite what my suspicion was, and why it was necessary for him to allay it before further entangling himself with this entity, I got exorcised.