You Think I Am a Bad Doctor? Maybe you are the one who is a Bad Patient?

1.You eat crap food — fat sugar and such nonsense.

2.You question my judgment.

3.You are friends with people without asking me — why? What good is it if I give you my treatment if you ingest the poison of the friendship of unworthy friends?

4.What is with your bathroom habits? All hinkus rinkus and so on. That’s what they are.

5.YOU QUESTION MY JUDGMENT! You are always asking why why why like some kind of goddam why bug buzzing in my ear. How about I am the doctor and that is why?

6.Did you know I have a lot of patients who are richer than you are and they are sexier and they still go to me and they are very happy with the results?

7. Maybe you think you should be the doctor? But if you should be the doctor WHY ARE YOU SICK?

8.You want to be sick. That is your problem. You pretend you want to be well but you know what? If you want to be well you would be well and I would not be sitting here listening to your bullshit!

9. You have been skipping your LSD.