Map of the World

Human beings are on an island in the vastness of empty space.

The human brain is a small organ in a large body.

Maybe. But..what counts as “vast”? What counts as “large”?

When we make a map we make the quantities in the map represent quantities in the world. It is up to us how to do it. Space does not come with a metric. There are many possible metrics.

If we take as the metric complexity, each human brain has as many neurons as there are stars as are in the milky way galaxy, and each neuron has 100,000 synapses. Factor in the feedback loops which we have not even begun to comprehend and the human brain is by far the most complex object we know about.

Map not bare size but complexity and the known universe is a fringe around the Earth.

The body is a fringe around the brain. Froth on the wave.

Look at our lives through the complexity map, because the complexity of the brain is much more important to our lives than the brute size of Saturn.

Even the brain of a cicada is more important than Saturn.

(Not to knock Saturn).

It is from that vast terra incognita that the destructions and creations issue forth. The ones that we dodge and parry like bullfighters.


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