For Alice Waiting Just Outside the Room

Our now kisses the future and the future kisses back.

The depression left by a thumb in a warm thigh

Let’s us sit still for a moment and the moment rushes by.

But I stand there holding a basket of spiracles and brouhahas

And I can see the question in her eyes it is

“How would you have it if no having adhered to flesh?”

The cumuli drip but before the storm they didn’t know what they were preparing.

And teetering top to bottom I tap my tongue on the alveolar ridge

Three times. And my alveoli, the human spiracle expire my spirit

And l’m faced with a bruise in the firmament like an unwanted kid

Who has to knock down a tower every day to scavenge love from the rebar


4 thoughts on “For Alice Waiting Just Outside the Room

  1. Now and future exchanging kisses, we borrow from the future using the past as collateral and we borrow from the past & present in order to establish the foundation for the future. Forever in debt in the great circle of life and living. We have no way of knowing if we’ve built well until we’re standing in the middle of our creation when The Big One hits.

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