drawer full of doors

in the waning day of the amnesia

we encountered the one who wanted to be stopped

and his voice was deep and his voice reminded us of something

that tickled the mind that tickled the throat

to a wanting to speak, near sobbing near laughing

as if our whole chest were a bottle of tears.

Will you come there with me to the home furnishing store

of the mind, will you join me, letting me brush a hand

against your lips as if by mistake though we know

if the phrase on purpose ever meant anything it meant that

where doors are piled on doors on top of each other

would you like to buy a door? and walk through it

to find me standing there waiting for the next word?


One thought on “drawer full of doors

  1. Wonderfully evocative. I feel it in my bones, my gut, and it’s running through my veins.

    I’ve missed your writing. But I’m back and ready to feast upon your words.

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