What is Adaptation? (Ereignis)

The companions said to Josh: “You said we should seek adaptation. But adaptation to what?”

He smiled. “Adaptation to: what? Precisely!”

Come and see.

There were seven serpents and the young woman of alluring eyes placed down on the ground a bowl of milk so its edges were level with the ground, and the seven serpents slid into the bowl of milk and became drunk on milk, and they discharged their venom, and the venom caused the milk to curdle, and what was left when the milk curdled was the pure.

The young woman of alluring eyes was named What?

The milk, purified by the venom of the seven serpents, is Adaptation.

When we drink adaptation we become adapted to it.

To sharing and to being shared.

To regarding others as elders and to having others who regard us as elders.

To drumming the foot when we hear a call to dance, and to standing with both feet on the ground and calling for the drum master to silence the drum.

To laughter and to weeping.

To morning and to night.

To the new word in the echo and the echo in the new word.

To freedom from shame and the shame of freedom.

Hearing these words the companions rejoiced. Half of them resolved to spend the rainy season with Josh and half decided they had heard all they would ever need to hear, and went on their way, lived their lives, and never stepped foot again in the hall of the great assembly.


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