I Sent Everybody in My Phone a Text

That went I Don’t Blame You

Half responded



Why Would You?

To the second half I responded

Good question, more and more these days

I wonder why I do anything.

Maybe my parents. Maybe my genes.

Maybe trauma.

Half responded: I know what you mean.

Half responded: What?

To the second half I responded

This intimate lick is my last and best attempt

To find some common heart between you and me

To feel we share a pulse.

Should I give up?

Half responded: I think so.

Half responded: I’m not sure.

And I called that last person

Because I only sent my initial text to eight people

I’ve recently purged my phone of everyone

Who was not needful

For either of us

And we decided to get together for coffee

And bread with butter

At this Afghan place I know in the west valley

I’m looking forward.


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