I Would Like to Tell You Something

When I write this now I have a good feeling inside!

I hope when you are reading it you feel happy and you feel like thinking and moving and you are letting yourself feel things, and they are good things.

If you want to live you have to continually control your birth.

If you look up in the sky there are so many stars. They have intelligence. They are intelligence and they are thinking about you. Yes they are feeling a lot about you. Thinking is a kind of feeling, feeling is a kind of thinking.

If you find yourself angry or afraid by anything you hear me say, or hear anybody else say, or even, and this is funny, hear yourself say, remember that this is your flight-or-fight nervous system taking over, and it’s shutting down possibilities for you and it’s making you hard to use your imagination. You just say, thank you, but I don’t need you right now, fight-or-flight. Because I am safe.

Because you are safe!

I hope you are feeling happy and funky.


One thought on “I Would Like to Tell You Something

  1. Your text filled me with a beautiful kind of happiness. That of being happy about somebody else’s happiness — which is such a wonderful feeling. Thank you for that.

    I hope you are happy and funky too – very much so.

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