Disgusting People

I was lucky enough to ask my father the questions I really wanted to know before I lost him, so as a consequence i know the answer to a lot of puzzles that I otherwise wouldn’t.

For example, I asked him, Dad, why is that some people are disgusting, or seem so?

He said, people are disgusting if we think we might want to be close to them but then realize that we should not. It is like how a rock is not disgusting, but a spoiled egg is.

I have met armed robbers who are not disgusting at all, because they are what they seem, and nobody would want to be close to them, at least not in the proverbial dark alley.

While poets, priests, lovers and so forth can all be disgusting — because we are tempted by our minds or imaginations to get closer and our gut says — no.

I asked Dad if he thought it was wrong to view people as disgusting and he said this idea was, itself, very disgusting.

There are two paths to feeling no disgust for our fellow man — one is to never wish to be close to others, the other is to not find anyone to be dangerous. The first path is undesirable, and the second, impractical.


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