Becca and Nissim

Sarah fell in love with Anthony because he was so dashing, and they had a child — LeRoy. Anthony pressured LeRoy to be a martial daring young man who would win the respect of Anthony’s drinking buddies. LeRoy joined the army to impress his father and was very badly hurt. He came back an invalid. Sarah said “You’re so stupid — all you cared about is impressing your friends — and they don’t care about you — and now we will have no grandchildren.” And because LeRoy did not want to cause his parents unhappiness he left home, and became expert at carving beautiful nut-shells, and I will sell you one for fifteen dollars, even though it took LeRoy two weeks to carve it. And Nissim said “OK!” and kept that nutshell with him as a good luck charm, and advanced into the quarter-finals.

The night before the quarter-finals one of the other players after practice heard this story and told Nissim that this was just a lie to get him to buy nutshells and he became very sad and wondered “What does it all mean?” Why would somebody tell a story that’s not true? Just to sell nut shells for fifteen dollars?

Maybe the stories they told me — that I am great at football — that we will win this year — are also not true.

When Becca heard that she said it wasn’t true at all, that Nissim’s friend had not known shit.

The next day Nissim scored the winning goal, and looking at him from the stands Becca thought and felt from head to toe: ❤️ .


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