Dog-Master and Sweet-Monkey

Dog-Master and Sweet-Monkey dwelt together in the empyrean, but didn’t get along. I think it’s because they were each of them unhappy, and this made them angry at whoever they would run into, and since they dwelt together, each was angry at the other: Dog-Master at Sweet-Monkey and Sweet-Monkey at Dog-Master. Sure, the anger showed up in different ways because Dog-Master was more outgoing and would yell at Sweet-Monkey, while Sweet-Monkey was nervous and self-critical, and would seldom criticize Sweet-Monkey to his face, but in his heart, murder.

Why were they unhappy? For reasons that were different, opposite even, although viewed at a sufficient level of abstraction, the same. Although I will level with you: “viewed at a sufficient level of abstraction: the same” doesn’t mean so much — a hill and a hole are both deviations from level ground, but are they the same? Try falling in one, and see how the same they feel!

They both felt out of place. Dog-Master thought he deserved a higher place in Heaven: he had his heart set on the super-empyrean. The super-empyrean is for “those whose selves were simply vehicles for the good” while the empyrean is for “those who lived their lives in service of the good.” Dog-Master truly believed that his self had simply been a vehicle of the good. He was not simply a servant of the good.

He was wrong of course. He knew he was wrong. But he didn’t believe he was wrong. He wanted the super-empyrean!

Sweet-Monkey felt he belonged in the level two below the empyrean: the heaven of the super-lunary. The heaven is the dwelling place for those souls that are suffused with self — who are selfish — but because of a happy emotional constitution lucked out and did less bad than good. Sweet-Monkey thought he had been too high a dwelling place, and was afraid that he would be found out. Or worse, that he would never be found out! Because if the universe were such that somebody as low as he, could be rewarded beyond his merits, didn’t it make everything Meaningless?

Sweet-Monkey feared that it did. And that made Dog-Master’s railing that he should be placed even higher grate on his nerves.

I think they ultimately worked it out. Not sure. I should give them a call!


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