Not Buying “Bloodlands”

I wanted to read Bloodlands because I have an upcoming trip, but I have accumulated a lot of books over the pandemic and I thought I should inventory them first, and decide what I have that I want to read, and read that, before I buy and read Bloodlands. (Although I do want to read Bloodlands.). Here is the list of what I think I want to read first:

Martianus Capella and the Sevean Liberal Arts

Murder Ballads an dOther Legends by Bohuml Hrabal

Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism – Panofsky

The Age of Wire and STring – Ben Marcus

The Fall fo the Stone City – Ismail Kadare

States of Mind – experience at teh edge of consciousness

Fantastic Tales — Calvino

Kaleidoscope – Zweig

Riders in the Chariot

Bengal Nights

Heidegger; THe Question of Being and History

Breasts and Eggs

The Hunger angel

The Return of Munchausen

The Five and Twenty Tales of te Genie

From the Book to the Book

My Name is Red – Orhan Pamuk

The Book of Margins – Jabes

European Literature nad hte Latin Middle Ages

The Middle Ground

Jesus’s Son

Charles Darwin Bio

The Book fo Laughter amd Forgetting

Magic for Beginners

Latin via Ovid

Lingua Latina


Fruitful Labor

The Politics of Friendship

Margins of Philosophy

Literature in Secret


On the Nature of Things

The Woman Who Pretended to be Who She Was

Untying the Knot

The Psychopathic Racila Personality

Threads and Traces

Maximum City

Murder of the Century

The Illiad

Saddam Hussein: Politics of Revenge

Chickenshit Club

Poetry of Rilke

Classical Chinese


Waiting for the Barbarians

The Scientific Method

Shuckin’ and Jivin’

Making Big Money in 1600

The King of hte World in the Land of the Pygmies

Conversations with Ogotemmeli


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