View Pain as Information

somebody said to me — you can get in a state of mind where you view pain not as pain but as information. e.g. that your foot is damaged. so it doesn’t upset you.

and i said — maybe with some pain, but some pain — eg a kick to the testicles — it doesn’t feel like that — it feels like a deep sadness.

but they said — view sadness as information — that things are not going right for you.

but i said — look if I view it that way, then I’m trying to, as it were, turn the flank on my sadness — I’m trying to get it so things are going a little better for me — and that’s not information. iow the choice to view my pain as information or not as informtion — that’s not information. that’s — I don’t know — life. Right?

another friendship I lost with my big mouth


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