twenty five cents can get you a large gumball or…

  1. a rubber monkey that stretches, if you write your name on the slot in the back, when you stretch the monkey it will stretch your ability to imagine special realms — behind the radiator for example but not limited to that
  2. a tiny book that instead of pages has two tiny polished pieces of metal that function as mirrors, if you write a word on a small piece of paper and bend it and write the word on the other edge of the paper and place it between the two books so that the twin-word is reflected in the twin mirrors, you will be graced to see the two sides of the word that you wrote — for example if you wrote “death” you will see the life that is in death — if you wrote “grandpa” — you will see how not until you are a grandpa do you understand what it is like to be a grandson of a grandpa, because a grandpa will let the grandson ignore him and the grandson will think he is doing wrong to ignore his grandpa until he is a grandpa and he knows he let it happen — BUT once you do this you will never be able to see that words as as single thing
  3. a medium-sized gumball
  4. a small gumball
  5. a tiny pinball game with a single shooter with a tiny spring a tiny silver bee-bee and a single hole that is worth “1” — if you practice this game then all the games that life is made of — the game of status and the game of love, the game of being yourself and the game of not being yourself — will reveal themselves as simple variations on a single game
  6. a sticker that when you put it on yourself if you should be killed by a car or lose your memory due to Alzheimer’s dementia if they look at your naked body in the hospital or the morgue and see the sticker the orderlies will say “hey! I know the gumball machine where the guy got that!”
  7. a large gumball.

5 thoughts on “twenty five cents can get you a large gumball or…

    • It reminds me of the hopeful, optimistic view of a child. 25 cents is a king’s ransom as a tyke.

      I’m enjoying slowly digging through your archives. I really hope you don’t mind me commenting and going off on my weird little flights of fancy you seem to inspire.

    • I’m enjoying them a great deal! Each post is unique and intriguing, with some quite thought provoking. Making me WANT to put on my thinking cap is a rare & you’ve done it repeatedly. Bravo!!

      Also, thank you for saving me from crippling covid-brain.

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