An Unclassy Joke, Well-Delivered

When I went to see the family my advisor advised me to only make classy jokes. Yes, they are interested in learning whether you are funny, and that is perhaps the most important requirement for the job you are gong to do for them, but make sure you are funny in a classy way, because, if you are funny but in an unclassy way, they may well laugh and laugh and make as if to enjoy your authenticity and genuineness, but behind their social facade they will judge and classify you, and you will never be accepted, not if you work for them faithfully for forty years.

I went to see the family, everything was going perfectly, the conversation lagged and I made an unclassy joke, delivering it well and graciously.

And everything has happened as he foresaw.


2 thoughts on “An Unclassy Joke, Well-Delivered

  1. The late comedian Shelley Berman had a bit called “Franz Kafka on the telephone.” Now *those* were some classy jokes. He also taught comedy writing at USC, though I don’t know if he told any of those jokes in class.

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