Three Kinds of Creators

I think the issue is how to understand the relationship between a non-dual undifferentiated blissful reality and all this stuff around us.

The highest being, the non-dual, blissful, self-luminous one, ultimately does not create, because it is perfectly self-sufficient. And yet, there is all this stuff. So somehow it must create. It’s a paradox which conceptual thought can’t really grasp. It creates and yet does not create.

Below that being is a being that is the same as it, but different, and this being is the first stirring of conceptual thought. It probably just knows its own creation, from the first being, if you can even call such a relationship “knowledge”. It might be too unitive to call knowledge — I don’t know. This being if it creates, and I think we can say that it does, does not create out of lack but out of fullness. It doesn’t need anything outside of itself to create, it just sort of flows forth. It is called Father.

Some levels below Father is a being that can only create by combining with something that is different from itself. This is basically — us. This being has to will into being a world of darkness in order for it to be the light that combines with that darkness and gives birth to colors. Or, it could will into a being a drop of light so that it itself could be a receptive darkness that receives that dot of light and is illuminated by it. In any case, this being creates bliss through being born of suffering, and perfection through knowing itself to be chaos.

What is the connection between the second being — Father — and the being some levels below — the two-in-one, poverty-seeking-fullness that is called Us? That connection cannot be sketched out by rational thought, it can only be achieved. Because the lack that the Us fills with its painful, agonized creation is precisely the steps of the ladder between Father and itself. It’s creation, which reverses the normal order of temporality, is the creation of the very process by which it comes to be.

Know this well.


2 thoughts on “Three Kinds of Creators

  1. There’s less of a market for philosophy than for your day job, but I really like your more serious philosophical writing. This entry obviously has a lot of Kabbalistic ideas in it.

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