Brass Tube

…explanation of the phenomenon VASCULUM AENEUM or brass tube found in the workshops of warlocks, namely that the Magister could by means of powerful incantations relying upon a knowledge of the secret names of certain carcerate deities change the underlying preconceptions that undergird the world, making perhaps the wisest being shellfish, or time run on the diagonal, or the number of sexes drop from eight to three, or eliminating the fractional soul, or connecting music not to love but to jealousy, or commerce commencing between high and heart, low and threatening, where before these had been distinct, but the effectiveness of such grammaries would be oblique and occluded to all including the warlock himself because the change was so thorough and entire, unlocking as it did no part but rather the Totality, hence the successful mage would to his own self-examination be it however scrupulous seem unsuccessful to himself, because all remnant be it in writing or computer file or library or the memory of friend or foe or self alike would be altered to harmonize with the world invoked by his invocation, thus one mage Ambo Teedeck by name resolved that one person would always be locked within a TUBE OF BRASS, brass being impervious to his spellcraft, and after the incantation he could always consult with that being and ask him to describe whether the secret letters that described the world were clear to him or obscure, this obscurity being a measure of whether a deep profound and illimitable change had been affected outside the boundaries of the brass tube, though in his deathbed confession — as he perhaps learned to love TRUTH or to FEAR HELLE – he vouchsafed the secret that from within the aperture of the tube the only voice resounding thereof said only “let me in let me in”…


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