The Prisoner of Freedom

Then there was the woman who was seated in a chair, looking at a wall and who believed that if she just thought about her situation in the right way, and exercised her deep, fundamental freedom, the wall would reveal itself to be an illusion and she could get up and walk through it like a wall of mist and live her life, and failing that, could simply decide to view her life from the vantage point which made it seem that all points in space were equal and she was no more free or unfree seated in her chair and staring at the wall than she would be bounding through a forest and washing her long red hair in the waterfall. She neglected the fact that just a few steps behind her there was an open door that she could way through without exercising her deep, fundamental freedom at all. You could say she was a prisoner of freedom. Or of her idea of freedom maybe….Same thing.


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