The Morning Wolf – Continued

Mother continued.

A few days after Father left on the Space Train to DeKalb Avenue where his office was — this was before they put the stop in between Jupiter and Mars — a candyman came to the door and knocked. You know what a candyman is, I know. A candyman has been known to appear in the fire of the stove offering catnip, and tempt a very bad cat to steal the family’s credit card and buy two bags full, and make mother spend hours on the phone sorting it out.

“Let bygones be bygones is a human saying.” said The Cat.

“They work for the Candy Corporation in its glass tower on Old Earth. Or maybe that is an old story and now they work for themselves.”

The cat stretched from nose to tail, ostentatiously losing interest.

“Be that as it may.” said the cat.

“Be that as it may.” said Mother. “This candyman took as its form a young man with a spring in his heels and a dance in his steps. He spread out his candies on a silk mat, and told the young daughter stories of Old Earth, and how he would put her in an apartment the with glass windows overlooking the sea, a massive water fountain that exists there where whales sport, and her brought her games, and flowers, and of course candy in abundance and she agreed that before father returned from his trip, she would be his bride, and present father with a fait accomplit.”

“An accomplished fact.” said the cat. “Such as when one buys catnip from a salesman.” thought the cat, but did not say it.


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