The Winking Pond

To understand this story you must know that for my people to eat the flesh of our own is forbidden. “This is true.” said Ybor to his son. “I saw it after the battle. They collected their dead in a fire & burned them. They left them untouched.” His son nodded seriously.

There was a princess, lithe of form, who was so beautiful her father kept her in a bower on an interior satellite that orbited every hour. As they passed the winking pond she saw a starman smiling at her. Come with me and be my wife and you will rule my planet.

You must have a wife & children on your planet. I do not said the starman. Come with me. & the princess left her father’s satellite and took the starman’s hand and entered the winking pond. Wink! And she was gone. The man was around her and inside her and then laughed.

He left her in the empty space between universes. She said let there be light. And she created matter and forms and minds and worlds and galaxies. But when she received a signal from her father she destroyed it all and returned home.

Her father welcomed her with open arms and forgave her for leaving and married her to a great prince. At the wedding she looked up at the million million stars and said “If these were my stars I would give each of them a golden crown.”

“You were not so kind to us when we were alive, Mother.” said the million winking stars. She turned pale and ran from the wedding never to be seen again.

“It is a beautiful story but it is a lie” said Ybor. “The stars have no mother.”


3 thoughts on “The Winking Pond

  1. Olga Villamizar says:

    I loved this story! I can see alternative ends. I’ll picture the female character with more power as she left her father’s kingdom. Can you make it as a book?


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