Living on Mount Everest

A child raised on the slopes of Mount Everest knows the mountain is big, but he thinks Mommy and Daddy are big, and the tree in his yard, and the school. It is only when he grows up and moves away and finds that as far as his feet can carry him the mountain still looms, while Dad and Mom and tree and schoolhouse become first specks and then vanish, that he realizes how big it is. It is the same way with the basic fact of our lives: that we were born. That is Mount Everest. And what are Mom and Dad and tree and house, the things that seem big but vanish to insignificance?

Everything else.


3 thoughts on “Living on Mount Everest

  1. I get what you’re saying, but I had the opposite reaction. The places I’ve lived have receded into the distance, and I barely think about them. But parents, mentors, and other important people loom ever larger. They’re part of who I am in a way that places never could be. I sometimes wonder how much of our attitude toward life, society, etc. depends on such differences.

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