Lou Reed and John Phillips

-John Phillips left New York to go to California and sing popular songs about nonsense. Lou Reed wouldn’t go because he wanted to be real and gritty. But who was more gritty, Lou who stayed in gritty NYC or John who went to California to make money and do sex crimes, selling songs about nonsense?


-No. The one who seemed LESS cynical was REALLY, MORE cynical.


-Huh is right. New one. A guy who tries to stop being human and a guy who says, don’t stop being human, you’re a human. Who is more human?

-The guy who says don’t stop being human you’re a human.

-Wrong. It’s the other guy. Cause it’s a very human thing to want to not be human.


-The guy who says everything is love and the guy who says everything is conflict, who is more full of conflict?

-Fine. The love guy. Cause he’s going to go around conflicting people to get the to agree with his love bullshit thing.


-Is it always the opposite?



-What did I just say••••••?


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