Did You Do Dark Magic, Papa?

-Yeah. I suppose I did. I was mad. It was a while ago. But yes. I did.

-And that’s why we’re all cursed?

-What you have is only a curse if you choose to treat it as such.

-What made the magic dark, Papa?

-Well I wouldn’t call it dark. But those as think the world is a fight between the One who made it, and the one who fights that one, think that calling the one who made it your enemy forever more, and calling on the voices of ruin that rend the night to protect you from then on in, well, to be honest sweet child, they call that pretty dark.

-I don’t think that’s dark at all, Papa.

-Neither do I. And if it is dark, it’s colorful. A dark red or blue or orange.


-Indeed. Also I did some stuff with fluids that some folk find right disgusting, but what do we call those people?



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