Snobs in the Future

In the future everybody is entitled to a gush of nutritive slurry that comes over the basic pipe, and those who make valuable contributions to society are allowed to feed off of elite pipes that provide elite food with shapes and colors. These snobs are known as High Pipe Feeders, and they compete for status amongst themselves by consuming only certain high status foods that come flying out of their high status pipes and blasting into their waiting mouths: truffles, pate, duck a l’orange. Recently a prophet arose amongst the High Pipe Feeders who said — you know, the nutritive slurry is not so bad. Rather than bragging about what kind of marbled steaks and pheasants and stimulatingly exotic curry sauces we consume from the high pipe, we should actually just suck off the free Low Pipe like just plain folk.

This suggestion earned him a lot of status. His jealous rivals think he sucked it on the sly from some secret, fancy Mind Food Pipe.


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