Easy Does It?

My cousin Ruth used to say “Don’t talk to me about beautiful words. Because beautiful words can describe ugly things.”

My cousin Ellen used to say “Beautiful words can make me have ugly thoughts . Ugly words can make me have beautiful thoughts. “

My cousin Jessica used to say “I’m not interested in words or thoughts, because they are both just rocks that impede the flow of human life.”

My Aunt Felicia said “I prefer the answer of your cousin Jessica, because it includes the other two.”


2 thoughts on “Easy Does It?

  1. I think it’s a false dilemma. Without thoughts, we are just animals. Without feelings, we are just machines.

    We see the same complementarity in many areas of life. The Tikunei Zohar says that “Love is the right hand, Power is the left, Glory is the body, Victory and Splendor are the two feet … Wisdom is the brain, Understanding is the heart …”

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