Tititi Wam-mwam, an Elixirious Spirit

Tititi Wam-mwam is an elixirious spirit who provides the effervescence to the space right after this moment, but before the next moment has coalesced, and is basically the form and formula of the sss-spritz! of a can of Pepsi Cola that has just been opened, or if you prefer…CHAMPAGNE!

If you want to invoke the blessings of this elixirious spirit, shave off the exhiliration of the first drink you take of alcohol, and holding it lightly but firmly in mind, deposit it upon a moment of genuine boredom, or what you might prefer to call: DEEPEST PEACE.

Deepest peace coupled with the extravagant effervescent effluvia of drunkenness, like the spritz of ideas leaving the carbonated brain, hold each other, hand in hand, hand about waist and DANCE DANCE DANCE!


I’m dizzy, mother! I’m dizzy, father! I’m dizzy Aunt Bessie! And mother says: dance with them; and father says: dance with them; and Aunt Bessie says: whoa whoa! woo! woo! Somebody’s knocking at the door and I find my feet are doing the proverbial huchi-kuchi.

Who’s at the door? Open it and see. But I think you know his name….



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