Reflections on the Evolving Noosphere

Having had the concept of “The Evolving Noosphere” for many years it become important to reflect upon the concept of the evolving noosphere.  The concept of the evolving noosphere helps us understand many things. It helps us understand noospheres, it helps us understand when they are evolving and when not, and most importantly, it helps us understand ourselves.

For example when it is the case that we look at our civilization and we say we have an excellent evolving noosphere.  Will others then say, no. We had a much better evolving noosphere back home at the civilization there? Perhaps they may.  And are they right or wrong? Perhaps the evolving noosphere will help us know.

When mother died my sister got the evolving noosphere.  I got nothing because they thought I was all right. I was not all right. I did not tell my mother that because I didn’t want her to feel hurt.  If she felt hurt, perhaps she could be comforted by the evolving noosphere.

Son, bring the Evolving Noosphere from out back.  I went out back and I brought my father the Evolving Noosphere.  That ain’t no Evolving Noosphere he said to me. That ain’t shit.  And you ain’t shit. I felt real bad but then I said “I’m not gonna let you talk to me like that no more.” and I left the house.

I went to the Evolving Noosphere.  And it said to me it took you long enough.  And who knows what I’ll say back?

When I know, I’ll tell you.


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