Explosion of Desire

This one is about a guy who became depressed because of his compulsive sexuality; every couple of days seducing a different woman, learning what sort of things to say to put her at ease; each encounter following a prescribed series of seeings and doings like those sections in tourist manuals of what to do in Paris if you have only 24 hours — you must see the  Winged Victory at the Louvres, you must eat Royal Couscous in Les Halles.  Depressed?  Oh he was so depressed.  And he realized suddenly that he was dead, numb, but deep within him there was a geyser of desire.  And what was the desire for?  It was to dare to say things to unusual that they had never been thought before ever by any human being. And he crept from the bed where his companion slept, limbs askew, mouth open, hair in an aureole to the hotel desk, took out the little pad of paper and started to write his reflections on his life: how time seemed to flow from the past to the future at a constant rate but actually collected in pools that cascaded from one to another, how different stages in life were totems for other stages in life, how the glint of morning light entailed a certain quality of thought and THIS was the true nature of logical entailment of which the logical entailment we consider when we judge how propositions preserve the truth of other propositions is merely a shadow.   And when she got up from the bed and looked over what he had written she said “I’ve thought all these thoughts myself every day.   Everyone has.  You have thought nothing new or interesting at all.”


4 thoughts on “Explosion of Desire

  1. Hello, Eric. This is Rav. I am a huge fan of your work especially your novel “Does Santa Exist?” which actually got me interested in philosophy in 9th grade. Currently I’m 18 and I’m working on my philosophical/literary podcast and book in my gap year before going to college. Could I send you some of my work? I’d love to hear what you think. Please let me know.

    Thanks, Rav

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