The Hundralica Foul-Up

the popular idea that sexual desire stems from an original unified man who was split due to the jealous of the GODS so each one is a half-man, man seeking woman, woman seeking man, suggests another equally good idea for ART, which is there was an original unity CREATOR-CREATION and this was also SPLIT! and now we have creators and creations, poets and poems, writers and novels, separate and split off, chasing each other through the evolving NOOSPHERE (call it the ASTRAL PLANE why don’t you?) and sometimes it’s a bad thing, like when the poor old janitor is discovered to have written that shocking book “THE HUNDRALICA FOUL-UP” about a world in the future where his particularly unacceptable SEXUAL TASTES are the basis of a utopian society and they read the book and they look at the janitor and they say “THIS MAN CANNOT BE AROUND CHILDREN!” dreaming as he does dreams where WHAT IS UNACCEPTABLE is actually lauded and praised (alongside his fully worked out system of yeast farming to support a society of billions thanks to fully worked-out diagrams of the submerged underground YEAST CHAMBERS) and of course he’s punished, of course to quote BLIND BLAKE “He’s in the Jailhouse now” but really he can say — it’s not my fault — whose fault is it you perv — it’s the fault of whoever made that original unity that I am fighting so shamefully, so poignantly to regain


One thought on “The Hundralica Foul-Up

  1. Is that a popular idea? I bet that not one person in a hundred could explain the tzimtzum, let alone spell it. The male-female thing is one reflection of divisions necessary for creation. I’m a “vive la difference” kind of guy, myself.

    P.S. We can’t fire the janitor, because then we’d have nobody to clean it up when people vomit in the lunchroom. Besides, he was really good in “Serial Killing 101” — in which, BTW, 30-something singer Lisa Loeb was surprisingly convincing as a high school student.

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