Ending of Game of Thrones Bad?

A lot of people think the end of Game of Thrones is bad.  Because the beautiful advocate of fairness for all is dispatched, decisions in the future will be made by a committee of the super-rich families who will claim these decisions are endorsed by a mystic whose authority can’t be questioned.  And also an expert at murder is going off on a colonizing mission.

It all seems like a gross, self-serving political message.  At a time of oligarchic families and unchecked wealth, the moral of premium cable’s priciest series is…watch out for people who believe in fairness?  Let decisions be made by a cabal of rich families?  What a drag!  Bad!  Bad!  Or as they say on the show “Shame! Shame!”

It’s only bad if you think it’s a political message.

If you think it’s just a story about how these people would actually behave it’s fine.

You could think of Game of Thrones as debunking of the high fantasy genre.  The message of Game of Thrones is that the Lord of the Rings is political propaganda. People tell themselves stories like “The Lord of the Rings”.  But actually they are living backstabbing petty lives like the characters in Game of Thrones. The ending of Game of Thrones is a transition from one kind of propaganda to another kind of propaganda. In the beginning these characters told noble heroic stories about their selfish backstabbing.  But now they will tell pragmatic, this is the best you can do in an imperfect world stories. But it will remain bullshit.

So you could view the end of Game of Thrones as saying “This is how people should live” and get mad. Or you could view it as acknowledging that the way stories end in the show “Game of Thrones” is also propaganda.

What do the writers think?  1)Who knows?  If you ask them they won’t tell you the truth and 2)Who cares?  Lots of times things mean things more than the people who say them know. (Lots of times = all the time.)

A hint is that a particularly conniving character says when making the goofy mystic his figurehead king “the most powerful thing in the world is a good story”.

Now, that’s obviously not true. There are jillions of good stories thought of, published, even made into tv shows every year and they have no power at all.

The most powerful thing in the world is a good story that the person telling it believes is true and can convince others is true.

So since they said that, and it’s obviously a lie, they probably know more than they’re letting on.


2 thoughts on “Ending of Game of Thrones Bad?

  1. Lisa Solak says:

    Other than the unanswered red herrings, I am actually quite satisfied with the ending. But don’t get me started about the demise of my favorite character, I can rant about that for hours. HOWEVER, am I going to sign a petition or go after the cast/crew about it? No.

    • Good! I’m no psychiatrist but I think the technical term as per the DSM V for people who would “go after” tv writers and producers rather than do something real in the real world is “koo koo for Cocoa Puffs”

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