The Boy Who Said Eh

My old friend Ross used to work for the city checking up on people on welfare to see that they didn’t have other sources of money and also that they were generally doing okay.  But his passion was investigating the different ways that people pronounced “Eh”.  Cause those two letters can be pronounced in a bunch of different ways, you know?  “Ay” “Eh” like a short kind of eh but also like a long low kind of eh.   But I have to tell you THIS IS TRUE he took it to a deeper level!  Ross said the way somebody says “Eh” who is hanging on the loved one to say “I love you” or “Be gone!” is a different Eh!  He said the “Eh” of the collective is different from the eh of the lone solo singulon.  The Eh of the grandson of a farmer is different from the Eh of the grandson of a priest, or for that matter the eh of the grandfather of a priest.

When I saw him years later his arm had seized up, the muscles were so tight.  God I spent so many hours massaging Ross’s arm.  I left my wife and my darling boy Joshua and devoted myself to helping Ross get better.

Joshua forgive me!  I massaged Ross’s arm with walnut oil and took him to the Spas in Brighton Beach every morning at 8 am and picked him up every evening at 6:30 pm and then back by the D train to his one bedroom apartment at Brighton Beach.

When the decade of spring turned to the decade we now call familiarly THE GOLDEN DECADE his arm unfurled like the sail of a ship.

Eh eh eh said Ross eh eh eh

Joshua I am coming to see you and your mother!  Traveling on the speed of song with feet made of dreams…


One thought on “The Boy Who Said Eh

  1. Very quarky. I can’t decide if it’s more strange or charmed. And it’s not easy to imagine what “feet made of dreams” would look like. I have this mental picture of gigantic clown shoes. Like mine.

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