Humanity Been Coasting Since We Invented Writing

Before writing: invented clothes, tool use, language, myth story

After writing: organized religion, nation state, environmental despoilation, some nice poems and books.

Why?  I think writing locks us up, blocks us, by giving us the idea that there is SO MUCH PAST and thus this present moment is a tiny sliver of time in which we are unable to make any momentous change.

But the pre-literate man or woman who invented music had no such worry.  In the relatively short time horizon of the remembered past (or maybe the past remembered by the oldest living member of the tribe) — he had no reason to think he could not pick up a bone flute and invent something TOTALLY NEW.

But the weight of the past is an illusion born of writing!  Every moment flows into our soul bearing gifts of infinite possibility.

Let the new be born in our souls this Christmas Day!@


2 thoughts on “Humanity Been Coasting Since We Invented Writing

  1. I would never begrudge your making a few bucks, but those clickbait ads in your newsletter… I’m horrified that I’m being sold walk-in tubs (just as my knees are starting to hurt).

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