The Fourth Angel

I did one time get Mrs. Quost to tell me about angels.  I don’t remember all the details — it was a long time ago! — but the basics are this.

The first Angel is you yourself. When you ask yourself a question and you answer it, that’s the first angel talking to you.

The Second Angel is the ones you love who love you who take care of you.  When somebody looked at you and you were a baby and they were like “I love him.  I love that baby.” that was the Second Angel, looking through their eyes, listening through their ears.

The Third Angel is the world beckoning you to understand it.  Some people look out and don’t care to understand it.  Those poor souls don’t have this Angel in their Lives.  Poor folks!  said Mrs. Quost. Help them!

I will, Mrs. Quost. But what about the Fourth Angel.

Do you remember Sesame Street — three of these things belong together and one of them doesn’t belong?   It will be like string, needle, thimble, and elephant, and the kids are supposed to say elephant, because string, needle, thimble you use to sew, and elephant you do not?

I do.  Is that the Angel?

No that’s what the angel is not.  The fourth angel is when you say “Wait a second!  The thimble could go on the nose of that elephant.  That’s the Fourth Angel whispering in your ear, twisting your eye in its socket.”

So that’s the Fourth Angel.

I wonder whatever happened to Mrs. Quost?


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