Books To Read

I just finished up — or reached a temporary resting space on — a writing project, and have gotten together the books that accumulated unread. With the national politics in a state of such grotesque unfeeling emergency it’s hard to know if its dilettantish or not to read them, but here they are:

Gate of Heaven by Herrera
Return of Muncchausen by Krzhiazhianovsky
The Debutante and Other Storis — Leonora CarringtonMoses Cordovero’s Introduction to Kabbalah
Bearheart:The Heirship Chronicles
The Fierce nad Beautiful World — Andrei Platonov
The Invisible Bridge – Rick Perlstein
The Nonexistent Knight/The Cloven Viscount – Calvino
Johnson-Orphan Master’s Son
Carson-Eros the Bittersweet
Worldly Wisdom: Confucian Teachings of hte Ming Dynasty
The Incoherence of the Philosophers
Al Ghazzali on the 99 Beautiful Names of God
Universal Science — Mahdi Ha Iri Yazi
Glass Irony and God
The Anti-Witch
The Affirmation of Life
Te-Nehisi Coates: Between the World and Me
From Eternity to Here
Ontogeny and Philogeny
The Executioner’s Song
This is our Youth
Saddam Hussein: Politics of REvenge
Total Orgasm
Travels with Epicurus
You and a Bike and a Road
Frabato the Magician
Between Dog and Wolf
Story of the Stone
8 Skillful Gentlemen
New Practical Primer of Literary Chinese
Readings in Later Chinese Philosophy
The Order of Time
Invertebrate Zoology
The Middle Ground
Reflections on Things at Hand
Charles Darwin Voyagin
The Illiad
House of Leaves
Mystical Languages of Unsaying
The book of Disquiet
The Golden Notebook
Soul of the Samurai
Book of Laughter and Forgetting
Skillful Coping
Wild Ivy: Autobiography of Hakuin
Eros and Magic in the Renaissance
Butterfly as Companion
When Children Grieve
Principles of Neuroscience
Nature of Generosity
Greg Bear: Stories
Alan Ackybourn: Plays
The Cave – Saramago
Yiddish Policeman’s Union
Barnes – The Ruling Class
Creation of Consciousness
Europe and the People w/o a History
Grief is the Thing with Feathers
Ludmilla Petrushvskaya- Stories
Dark Back of Time – Marias
S Shephard – 7 Plays
Distance of hte Moon
States of Mind
Time for Aristotle
Readings from Lu Wang School of Neo-Confcianism
Jabes — Book of Margins
Calvino – Baron in the Trees
Travels with Herodotus
Wisdom of the Throne — Mulla Sadra
Baldwin Collected Essays
The Bin Ladens
Early Islamic Mysticism
Al Ghazzali’s Path to Sufism
Invertebrate Zoology
The Super Organism
The Pleasure Shock
How Jews Became White Folks
The Spinning Magnet
Capella and the 7 Liberal Arts
Free Play
Company Man
Black Sea – Ascherson
Space is the Place
Psychic Life of Power
Martyrs Traitors and Patriots
Nietzsche’s New Darwinism
Dog of the South
Beryl Bainbridge- Visit to the Bottle Factory
Paschal Beverly Randolph
The Theosophical Enlightenment
Bengal Nights – Eliade
Kazin- A Walk in the City


3 thoughts on “Books To Read

  1. I’d go with the book about Confucian Teaching. Life is a marathon, not a sprint, and Confucius provides some perspective.

    You probably already know of Mencius. His ideas complement those of Confucius. He’s good, too.

  2. Howard B says:

    I’m going to read How Jews Became White Folk too. I think Israel has something to do with it.
    The life of Evan Seinfeld from the rock group Biohazard illustrates the change of Jewish identity.
    First he played an imprisoned neoNazi, illustrating the shedding of an essential part of Jewish identity. Plus,his band has a song about the Howard Beach “lynching” of a black teen in the 90s.
    Comfort with neo Nazis and comfort with racism, show Jews are less Jews than your average ethnic white
    He is a little extreme clearly

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