Do You Want to Be Tall or Have People Think You Are Tall?

What kind of question is that?

Obviously I want to have people think I am tall because they should look up to me. If I am tall but I am always lying down and they walk all over me, what good is the tall? It’s just long.

I’ll tell you, it’s the amount of time an ant takes to walk from your head to your toe.

That reminds me, I want to write an autobiography of a lace-wing, an insect that is so soft and delicate that to touch it is to kill it.

It’s all a question of scale — if there were giants we would be like the lace-wing — to touch us is to kill us.

There are giants.

When they touch us and kill us we get to be formed again, just as when you mix flour and water and make dough and you play with the dough you can make a ball and then you can turn that ball into a snake by rolling it on the kitchen table, or you can take a snake and turn it into a ball by balling it up.

I remember reading somewhere that before it was flour it was the seeds of a special kind of grass, called “WHEAT”.

I can barely see her coming above the field of this special kind of grass (called WHEAT) but I can smell her, and I can smell the wheat, and also the sunlight.


3 thoughts on “Do You Want to Be Tall or Have People Think You Are Tall?

  1. I want ME to think that I’m tall. The other stuff doesn’t matter much.

    True story: I was the shortest person in my high school graduating class, albeit only 78 students, all boys. I had quite a complex about it. Stood on tiptoe for class photos. Eventually learned to stop worrying about it. Yoda was a big help. Or a little one. I don’t judge him by his size.

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