“I Used to Think People Care about Love. Now I realize People Actually Care About Real Estate”

Kenny said to me. And I said come on, how could you say such a thing? But he said look it’s obvious, it used to be everybody wanted to hook up but now everybody wants to get a good deal on a house. And I said that’s not people, your priorities have changed. Now that you got, older. But he said no, I was just wrong. I thought people cared about something. I have come to realize they care about something else. So we kept fighting and finally we decided to go to the Grand Monkey for a decision.

“Look” he said scratching his face with the back of his hand while eating a paw-paw fruit “People cared about hooking up because they wanted to find a place in this world to live — both physically in another person’s body or hug — but also in the long run, making a family, creating a place where who they are could be saved and protected and flourished.”

“Monkey says I’m right!” said Kenny.

“But look! What is real estate for but a place to put what we love and protect it?”

“Fine.” said Kenny, losing interest “We’re both right.”

“Why do they call you Grand Monkey?” anyway I asked the Grand Monkey.

“Oh that’s to acknowledge the metaphorical length of my grip. I am able to take to quite distant vines — in this case real estate and love — and connect them because of my superior ability to swing!”

“Also, because I am a monkey.” he said, dropped the paw paw pit on the jungle floor and brachiated out of there!


2 thoughts on ““I Used to Think People Care about Love. Now I realize People Actually Care About Real Estate”

  1. arnold says:

    In a moment–is listening to one’s conscience–to care for love…

    That conscience, like psyche, is a function/guide for human life, needing exercise …
    …use it or lose as they say (a conscientious note)…

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